with over 100,000 hoverboards sold, eWheelsUSA.com is dedicated to providing only the best quality hoverboards available. As a USA based company, we take pride in the products we sell. We DO NOT sell cheap low price, low quality Hoverboards like most online retailers.

These cheap low quality hoverboards usually contain dangerous low quality batteries that leak, catch fire, or only last a few weeks before breaking down. They are also built using cheap plastic wheels and overall low quality internal components.

All hoverboards sold by eWheelsUSAUSA are UL2272 Certified Safe and contain only the highest quality internal parts. Your safety is our #1 Priority. Buy from a trusted seller. Buy from eWheelsUSA!


Why choose


As one of Americas top Hoverboard retailers, eWheelsUSA is dedicated to providing only the highest quality Hoverboards. We only offer UL2272 Certified Hoverboards. We offer FREE Shipping on all orders.

  • We are the largest retailer in the USA with thousands of hoverboards sold!
  • We Ship Via FedEx Same Day From Our Florida warehouse!
  • Advanced Dual 250-Watt motors offering more power, efficiency, and durability!
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Whats In The Box

Highest Quality HoverBoards

We only ship the Highest Quality Hoverboards to ensure our customer's satisfaction and safety. All boards are UL2272 Certified Safe!

Solid Steel Alloy Frame

Our internal frames are made from tough solid steel that is engineered to support up to 220Ib aside from all other competitors which use plastic frames.

UL-Certified Li-Ion Battery

We only use authentic UL2272 Certified Lithium-Ion batteries and chargers to ensure the comfort of riding your hoverboard up to ~10 miles on a single charge.

UL2272 Certified

Fully compliant with all government regulations including UL2272!

Free Shipping

All hoverboards are shipped the same day via FedEx Ground for free!!


Manufacturer's Warranty and unlimited phone/e-mail support!